Natural Acne Treatments

Try something other the chemicals

The first thing we do in this day and age when we have any minor health issue is go for the easy option and use some chemicals prescribed from our Dr, or use some kind of remedy of the shelf of the nearest pharmacist or supermarket. Most of the time there is a natural remedy that we can use. Check out this great post I found regarding acne and the natural remedies out there that you can use.


In a world full of pills and chemicals for quick fixes, what place does holistic medicine have for skin care? You might be surprised to find out that holistic medicine can be just as effective as chemicals, and, in addition, heals the body as a whole unit long-term, as opposed to acting like a band-aid that only works to cover up the problem. Read more here.

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Life Hacks Tested

Do these life hacks work?

Its all well and good to put all these life hacks online but do they actually work?  This guy tested out 30 of the famous life hacks thrown about the internet to see if they pass or fail funny video worth a look.

Some Great Life Hacks and Some Crap Ones

Hacks with a bit of comedy

I like this guy he has a great way of presenting his videos some great hacks and as he admits in the video some God Awful ones.

Has anyone tried the onion hack at 1.46 I am not sure about this one but if it works woohoo to not crying again while making a salad.

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